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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Robert "Bobby" Resciniti who was born in Florida on September 09, 1984 and passed away on July 13, 2006 at the age of 21 from a terrible car accident. We will remember him forever and ever.

Bobby was an awesome person and always will be. All who knew Bobby know's that he was always smiling and always happy. He would cheer anybody's day up no matter what. He loved everyone and hated no-one. Bobby is a hero in many of our eyes and we thank him so much for that. We know he's in God's arms now doing his work. We love you Bobby -- now, forever - and always.

Love - your sister, Michelle

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------September 9, 1984 - July 13, 2006

Bobby was taken from us in a tragic car accident on July 13, 2006 at 1:08pm. 
From what we know, it was just a freak accident where a truck hit him. He went to a persons house to do him a favor & never came home again. We wish he said NO that day 

Bobby worked as a Pharmacy Tech for Publix (7 years) and was going to college; taking Criminal Justice preparing himself to be a Police Officer.... a Sheriff to be exact  -- his lifelong dream.

Time has passed but the pain hasn't. As the days go by, it seems to be getting more difficult to accept the fact, we will never be able to hug us, hold us, hear his voice and see his beautiful smile again.

We miss you sooooooo much Bobby.

We keep asking the same question ---------- WHY?

It does not make any sense that you were taken from us, what a waste. You had so much to offer this world. You got cheated, we got cheated, your friends and all the people that never met you got cheated.

Life is cruel and sometimes it seems unbearable. But one thing is for certain, our faith will carry us. We want to be 100% guaranteed we will spend eternity with you in Heaven. Me, Mom, Michelle and Nick will do the best we can here on earth to live a good, Christian life so we can be together again........FOREVER.

The year you were born ---- 1984 was an awesome year. The year you left us ---2006 was a bad year.

September 9, 1984 - July 13, 2006

Bobby had a very good life on earth.....he is now in Heaven and having a GREAT time, we do trust in the Lord.

We are looking forward to the day we meet again. We can't wait to see you, to hug you and to say......I LOVE you.

Until we meet again....

Love always and forever,

Mom, Dad, Michelle, Nick

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------"Angel Baby"
Bobby you are an angel sent from heaven above
and when God called you we knew you were loved.
You are so sweet , kind and caring but we w0nder
why is this so uncanny?
We looked in your eyes and never thought
this could be our last time to hug, to hold or to see.
You touched so many and loved so much
I don't even know how to say how many you touched.
Your smile went from cheek to cheek
touching everybody you would see.
I love you Bobby you are my big brother
always have been always will be like no other.
I thank you for all that you've done in this life
by showing Mom a good time and Dad a good life.
You showed Nick what a true role model was
he looks up to you Bobby and YES, you are truly loved.
Now as I end this poem I say to you - Bobby you truly are the angel baby Nan would always say.
God has you now safe and secure and we thank him for that because we really do hurt.
We may move on but we will never forget all the laughter and joy and fights we regret.
We will always see that wonderful smile when we remember a memory that lasts a thousand miles.
We love you Bobby from friend to sister thank you for your love, laughter and beautiful kisses.


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His legacy
"The Truth"  

Bobby, I miss you so much I dont know how to say it, 
I just miss your smile and your beautiful grace.
When I hear your name I think of the times we had together that will always be mine.

I miss you so much I can't believe this is real, all I know now is to pray and over time, I hope to heal.
Please watch over us Bobby and give us your signs, be with us daily and throughout the rough times.
I miss you so much even at school, I wanted to learn together - but life is so cruel.
I know you are with me wherever I go , watching and holding me even though it's unseen or untold.
You are my big brother Bobby, thank you for this I want to only give you a big kiss.
I would always look at you and say to myself what a handsome man you are.
I admired your looks and personality Bobby even the way you would talk to somebody.
I remember your beatiful deep brown eyes and the way you would laugh and even cry.

I loved your hair and when you would ask "is my go-t even , and even on this side? "
I miss your smell and the clothes you wore I just adored you Bobby everyday even more.

Now I tell you how I loved your qualities I always looked for them in somebody.
Nobody can be who you are but I just want someone who is a little bit of who you are.

Thank you Bobby for setting the right example and walking the path that I will now follow.

- Love your Sister -- Michelle Resciniti
August 23rd, 2006

To a GREAT son.....Bobby  

I always teased Bobby by telling him, the year 1984 was unforgettable because Dan Marino came into the NFL. But for all those years, I was joking with him. Truth be known, 1984 was unforgettable because that's the year Bobby came into this world Spetember 9, 1984 at 12:03 pm.

I remember how proud I was as a father, to be blessed with a little baby boy. My first child. The feeling was indescribable. I held him for the first time and was shaking, my heart was racing. It was an amazing experience.

The next several years were something else. To witness his first step, his first words and to hear him say for the very first time, "Daddy, I love you" was incredible. Time was moving so fast. I remember taking Bobby to his first baseball game, first football game, fishing and learning how to ride a bike. What fond memories. As a young person, Bobby had such innocence, he was shy and so caring and very sensitive. As the years went on.....he kept those qualities. He grew up and became a fine, outstanding man. He had so many great qualities that made me proud to be his father. He was honest, caring, innocent, smart, sensitive, kind, giving, loyal and funny. One of his best qualities was his humility. But above all else, he was a good human being.

He was good to his friends and great to his family but most importantly.....he Loved Jesus, he was a good Christian.

Bobby was a dream child.

He and his mother were extremely close. They had a strong bond that will never be broke.

I miss seeing Bobby. I miss hugging him and hearing his voice. I miss his humor and wit. I miss his great smile.

I know he's in a better place but the human side of me misses him so much. I can't stop thinking about you...every second of the day....every day of the week.

It's early in the morning and it's your birthday, I am going to sit with Mom now and talk to her and pray.

Happy Birthday Bobby --- 22 great years :)

With all my LOVE,

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